vendredi 24 août 2012

Cleanliness of the plastic bottles after use?

The deepest poverty pushes disadvantaged families to get some things in the rubbish bin and to sell them after, among the rubbish they are seeking is the plastic bottles.

(Plastic bottles collected from the rubbish bin) 

Are you among those who used to drink juice on the street corners? Be careful with the cleanliness of the bottles!
Whenever I pass by this street, I always see this poor family cleaning the bottles collected from the garbage in a waste-water canal, where inhabitants throw away all kinds of waste-water. 

(The lady clean the bottle in this wastewater canal)

Finished the cleaning, they sell the bottles at the market of Andravoahangy (market place in Antananarivo), and you can't believe, the bottles are all sold, we may wonder, who are their customers? juice venders, milk venders , hotels, ...perhaps all of them?. 

( the wastewater canal in Anjanahary)
After selling all the bottles, they go back to the rubbish bins to look for another bottles to sell the following day, and that is always their daily life, its their source of income [they search something (especially bottles) in the garbages and clean up them in the wastewater and then sell them at the market). During the evening and early in the morning, they found about ten bottles at least.
Do the customers smell the bad odour of the bottles? It's certain that despite thorough rinsing, the bad smell will still remains. The first wealth is health, so beware when drinking and eating something on the street corners. 

Nevertheless, the customers could be those who recycle the plastic bottles.:)
Here is a very interesting example of recycling plastic, don't throw them out:

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