mardi 31 janvier 2012

Babies are wonderful creatures

Having a baby is  undoubtedly a great thing happening in life of spouses. After being married, one of the goals of a couple just married is to have a baby. Obviously, a baby is the result of love which strengthens the relation, brings much joy, to have an heir, to have friend at home and so on...A baby is definitely a riches, a wonderful creature, a best gift from God.

Certainly, the situation becomes very differents when a newborn is welcomed at home. So having a baby is not an easy situation, it needs both maturity and stability financial because we know how fragile are babies and children. They need much protection.

It's nice to see happy  kids
Anyway, someone says that the arrival of a baby at home makes the spouses without time to take care of their relationship. In fact, it depends on every couple to well cultivate their love. But normally, having a baby is not a problem, in fact, it's the best thing which changes many things, as I said before, it strengthens the relationship, brings joy,...

Sometimes, before getting married, some couple goes to the doctor to discover if they are able to have a normal baby, which we call « prenuptial visit ». Besides, after  being married, some couples decide not to precipitate in having a baby because they have perhaps another priority or they are just not yet ready. Of courses, every couple has their own goals, but one thing is sure, a baby is wonderful and a riches.

Wonderful children! 

Nevertheless, so many are the girls who give birth without being married, those we called « single mother ». It’s wonderful to see that they assume their responsibility of taking care of the baby, but unfortunately, they have sometimes to stop their studies and look for a job to feed the baby. Those single mother are very courageous, proud and I’m sure they are always happy with their child and I hope they will have a better life, instead those men who fled their responsibility will regret, lol.

Let me share you my joy, my daughter is 8 years old now, as she is growing fast, I m really proud of her .She starts to help me in household chores,  she helps me much in washing dashes, sweeping floor and so on...She is my better friend at home, I’m feeling very happy  and lucky of having this child. I urge her to be interested in education.
My daughter 8 years old
The last but not the least, everyone should consider and respect children’s right; we all should know that these children too are the future of our nation; they deserve a lot of love, an affection and consideration.  
For those who couldn't have a baby, or unable to have kids after trying for a year, don't lose hope, nothing is impossible

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  2. Good post. I like the part about children's rights and that's ture it is important to show them love and affection :)