samedi 30 août 2014

Clouds of Locust Cover the Downtown of Antananarivo

Beside the strike of Air Madagascar employees and the prosecution of some JIRAMA (Malagasy State Electric Supply Company) employees because of a short-circuit at the home of the Head of State. Locusts were the focus of discussion in recent 2 days both on social networks and within the community, as their invasion in downtown of Antananarivo city is an unusual event.
(Locusts in the air)

During locusts invasion in Antananarivo, various reactions have been observed from the people of the city, some are stunned at seeing the billions of locusts, some believers say it as a sign that we are approaching the end of the world, others also predict that something serious and alarming will occur in Madagascar. While a lot of people argue that they are manna from heaven and enjoy themselves by simply catching the locusts in order to fry or grill them, and yes! many have eaten it for the first time, including myself  :) . Well, everyone has their own opinion of things.

(people catching locust)

Despite the terrible aftermath caused by the locust swarms that ravage and devoure all kinds of crops, which is the livelihood of many farming family in Madagascar, as it was the case last year. Locust gives, however, benefits and virtues, or we say about Entomophagy (consumption of insects as food); crickets are among insects which can be eatenthey are rich in protein, vitamin D and minerals. So, it's not surprising if many inhabitants took advantage of the locust passage to eat them.

Referring to the Bible, John the Baptist also ate locusts and wild honey in the desert.

(Fried locust and fish)

Many Malagasy proverbs also put locusts as good things if we only cite a few examples:

Valala tsy an-tanana tsy atolo-jaza (You cannot give locust not in hand to children)
Sambom-balala main'andro, raha tsy azoko anio, ho azoko rahampitso (Catching crickets in winter, if I cannot catch one today, I'll catch tomorrow)
Valala iray ifanapahana ( even one cricket is divided - so that everybody can eat a part)  

(Locusts continue their way)

At the time of writing, there is no more locust seen in the sky of Antananarivo.

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