vendredi 13 juillet 2012

Global Voices Summit 2012: a success and an enriching event

It has already been one week since we're back home after attending the Global Voices Summit 2012. It seems a little strange for me to not saying and sharing my thoughts and feedback about this amazing and succes event.  

As I've already mentioned in my previous blog, our trip to Kenya (in french), and the travel back to our country (in french) were wonderful, I've also talked about the beautiful capital of Kenya, Nairobi.

First of all, I was totally satisfied by the organisation of the summit, it was really well organised. I remember, when we landed at the airport of Kenya, a taxi was waiting for GV's members to take us directly to the hotel. Arriving at the hotel, we were kindly received by the responsible Margaret Njeri  and all the team. I was even more happy when I greeted some GV member who were smiling and convivial.
(PrideInn Hotel, Global Voices Village)
(The taxi waiting for GV members at the airport)

Global Voices Summit was really an occasion for me to discover many interesting things and to meet a lots of marvelous people. The event gave me more ideas and enlightenment in the field of citizen journalism, how to use our ability to write online, a space for free speech, to raise awareness about important issues, to share information with the rest of the world,... Of course, the event was an opportunity, a moment of sharing, exchange and learning, it was a great experiment for me.

I thoroughly enjoyed the meeting with several interesting people from different countries with their own culture and own language, everyone was very friendly, sympathetic and sociable. It was a moment for me to get in touch with others attendees and to find out more about their stories, their countries...Talking with Boukary Konaté, Andrea Azarba, Julie Owono, and many more were a fantastic moment. 

(Boukary Konaté)
(Andrea Azerba)

During the internal meeting, the opening panel on  the  Global rise of citizen media moderated by Rebecca and Ethan Zuckerman (co-founders of GV)  had caught my attention. Among topics I really appreciated include: Global Voices animals (Claire Ulrich saying "because we love animals, so we should talk about it), freedom of expression, censorship, blogger safety, ...

(Claire Ulrich presenting the topic about GV animals)
At the time of plenary discussion, the discussion about how to keep endangered languages alive was also interesting, I remember Victoria from Bolivia sharing her experience of preserving their indigenous language and Bokary Konaté with his famous "Ségou village connection project". The workshop with friends from Sub Saharan Africa moderated by Ndesanjo Macha has aroused great interest in the idea of network building in Africa, and how to draw more attention on Africa? 

(Sub saharan Africa. Photo: Jullian C York)
Among the interesting activity I enjoyed was what we call the secret summiter, I gave a bag (an handicraft  from my country) to Samatha Deman (GV french), I was happy she liked it very much, on the other hand, I received a small notebook (not a laptop) from Rebekah Heacock, Cheers!, it was very useful for me, I used it to take note of some important things. 

(Rebekah Heacock)
(The nice notebook from Rebekah)
I don't forget the half-day activity of Sunday afternoon when we were going to Nairobi National Park. It was exciting, we had a lovely time there and were amazed at seeing the huge girafle, and lion. Thanks to GV for the free transport. 

(Going to Nairobi National Park)
(girafle at NNP)
The only bad things and souvenirs of mine was: since we still had one extra-night before leaving Kenya, we were staying in a expensive hotel, there was an handicraft merchant outside this hotel, and we did shopping there to bring home several souvenirs, the seller told us that he will give us a good price, so we decided to buy there, but the price was not good at all as some friends told us, the price at Maasai market is more cheaper if you know discussing the price. Unfortunately again, when arriving in our country, some of the handicrats were broken. How unlucky we are :(

(The broken handicraft )
The last but not the least was the dancing party on Monday evening, we had really fun, it showed how great and convivial  GV members are.  

(everyone had fun,...)
(Bijoy Majumdar with his flute)
Finally, in short, Global Voices Summit 2012 in Nairobi, Kenya  was an amazing, exciting, enriching and unforgettable event, it was a success. We are so grateful to all dynamics organizers. Thank you also to PrideInn Hotel for the warm welcome they have reserved to us, thanks for the delicious foods, thanks for the cake, ...
Long life, more success and prosperity to Global Voices, internet, bloggers, freedom and freedom of speech, human rights, etc... 

I'm not very good at writing english, but I've tried to do my best, so sorry for any mistake, I think you understand anyway :-)

Thank you all and hope to see you again :)

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  1. c'est notre grand plaisir de t'avoir enfin vue, Mamisoa!Et je me souviendrai pour toujours de notre disco party!

  2. Merci bien Claire, c'est vrai, c'était un moment inoubliable, je me souviens de ta voix aussi douce et gentille :)

    1. Merci beaucoup cherie! J'aime bien la photo de nous :)

    2. Je t'en prie chère Andrea! C'était un plaisir de faire ta connaissance